movable brace orthodontics

What is movable brace orthodontics

By movable brace orthodontics it is referred to a process by which the patient will be enabled to manually remove the orthodontics from his/her mouth. This type of treatment requires the patient's collaboration. There are two types of movable brace orthodontics: normal plaques that are used for amendment of normal abnormalities, and movable plaques that are used for correction of jaws' positioning. Movable brace orthodontics are usually prescribed for individuals at younger ages and those at the earlier stages of treatment. This type of treatment is most effective for children aging between 7 and 9 years, while not being of much usefulness at older ages and more severe abnormalities.

Most patients are interested in movable brace orthodontics since it enables them to remove them from their mouth when they want to have a meal. This way, not only having the meal becomes more enjoyable, but also it would be easier to clean the teeth afterwards. It is also logical that this type of treatment is associated with a smaller teeth decay occurrence rate. The patients may have difficulty with speaking or experience increased saliva secretion during the first days of undergoing this type of treatment, however these issues are usually automatically eliminated after a few days.

Plaques of movable brace orthodontics are usually made in teeth color or crystal clear and are visually more pleasant than fixed brace orthodontics. However, the fixed brace orthodontics are more effective and it is recommended to leave it to the dentist to select the type of orthodontics so that the dentist is able to select the most suitable treatment for you based on factors including age and abnormality type.

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