brace orthodontics

What is fixed brace orthodontics?

By fixed brace orthodontics it is referred to a process by which the patient will no longer be able to remove the orthodontics from his/her mouth. In this state, the device is fixed on the patient's teeth in the form of multiple dots.  These dots are called braces. In the case of fixed brace orthodontics, the patient is not required to do anything more than general hygienic practices. However as a drawback, this type of treatment takes usually up to two years to complete depending on the severity of the abnormality of the patient's teeth. During the period of fixed brace orthodontics treatment, the patient must strictly follow the dentist's hygienic recommendations so that his/her teeth are not exposed to rotting or color change. In addition, during this period the patient must avoid eating extremely hard foods such as Tah-Dig (the Crispy layer of the rice in the pot) or in-taking of any type of fruit containing a hard seed. The collapse of hard foods and fruit seeds into the braces results in their breakage, ultimately causing increased costs of treatment.

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