Orthodontics is a branch of dentistry and is a therapeutic way to improve the function and appearance of teeth. Orthodontics will treat the abnormalities of the jaw and improve the appearance of the patient. The word orthodontics means the arrangement of teeth. If you are having problems with chewing and biting for any reason and your teeth are not overlapped, you need to have an orthodontist (orthodontist) checkup. Orthodontics is used to correct malocclusion or teeth pairing. The purpose of orthodontics is to correct the position of the teeth and change the pattern and direction of growth. The therapeutic position is in the upper and lower jaw orthodontics controlled by fixed and moving devices. Fixed devices can be referred to as brackets and moving devices are called plaques that can be removed from the mouth. In orthodontics, the treatment involves moving the teeth over time, and the advantage  of it, is that no tissue is manipulated and the teeth do not cut or damage, and the patient clearly sees his improvement after one or two years.

Types of jaw abnormalities

Distance between teeth: Occur sometimes due to the small size of the teeth or the size of the jaw that causes spaces between the teeth.

Overlapping teeth and crowds: Due to the small size of the jaw.

Asymmetric midline: When the upper and lower jaw teeth are not symmetrical in the middle line.

Open Bite: when you don't have overlapped teeth when closing your mouth and creating gap between the upper and lower jaw teeth.

Cross-bite: When one or more teeth of the lower jaw are placed at the inner surface of the upper jaw teeth as the mouth is closed.

Overbite: when the upper jaw teeth are excessively ahead.

Under Bite: When the lower jaw teeth are ahead when chewing.

When is orthodontics necessary?

When brushing is difficult for you.

The teeth are overlapped or spaced apart.

When the teeth are not in the same direction and they are problematic for your appearance.

If you have seen the above occasions, you need to go to an orthodontist. Of course, it should be noted that the orthodontist is different from the normal dentist. The difference between a dentist and an orthodontist depends on the amount of expertise in this field. It should be noted that if orthodontic treatment and the removal of jaw abnormalities are not done under the

Orthodontics age range

The proper age and extent of orthodontic impact depend on the base of your jaw and the distance between the teeth. It can be surely said that when the distance between the teeth is low and the jawbone is good, you can have orthodontic treatment at any age. And there is no age limitation.

supervision of an expert it will have adverse consequences in the future.

Orthodontics stages



Explaining the treatment process

Describing how to brush

Setting the braces up

Maintenance and periodic examinations

Viewing changes

Dr. Ehsan Sanei, orthodontist

You can safely treat your orthodontia by visiting orthodontist doctor, Dr. Ehsan Sanei, a qualified and experienced orthodontist to experience the best treatment. Dr. Ehsan Sanei, with the use of advanced orthodontic equipment, as well as the use of newly introduced market brackets that greatly improve the treatment process, can greatly captivate patient satisfaction, as the ceramic brackets will be the best choice for you and your treatment will be faster and with a good result. Dr. Ehsan Sanei has been using advanced and up-to-date devices to satisfy patients and has been able to be the best among the competitors with X-ray machines and the use of computers and up to date knowledge, helps to make the process easy. You will have a better and faster orthodontics ahead.

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