What is Invisalign

One reason stopping many patients from accepting receiving orthodontics based therapies lies within the unpleasant looks of metal braces. However, nowadays this problem has vanished with the emergence of invisible braces, of which the three types of ceramic, lingual, and aligner.

Ceramic braces are made of ceramic in the color of the teeth and therefore are less noticeable. In some cases, the connector wires of the braces are made in the color of teeth as well. These braces are immune from color change and staining, however are less invisible than the aligner and lingual types. As a drawback, these braces are not as strong and hard as their metal counterparts and therefore the period of treatment is longer when they are selected. In case of treatment using lingual braces, the back of the teeth would be digitally scanned, according to the results of which the suitable orthodontic device will be built. These braces are metal made and are more durable, and also they are far less visible since they are installed on the back of the teeth. Among the drawbacks of this method it can be referred to its costliness, increased hygienic difficulty and occurrence of utterance problems.

The other method is to use crystal clear aligners; Crystal clear braces that are installed on the surface of the teeth and are opaqueness resistant. This method does not require the use of wires and braces and is also free from the risk of breakage. Crystal clear aligners can be removed from the mouth for having a meal. In order to fabricate crystal clear braces the dentist has to prepare a 3d model of the patient's mouth and then send the model to the laboratory. The number of aligners that will be installed depends on the severity and type of abnormality and is usually fabricated in the form of a set. Considering the fact that this device is movable, the patient must be responsible enough to take care of the aligners, otherwise the treatment period will be prolonged.


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